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Getting Started with Content Strategy

Difficulty: Beginner


Your web content can work harder!

Outdated information, cryptic copy, low conversion rates, unhappy users. Even the best websites suffer from content problems. How can we plan our content, and keep it useful so that our customers have a great experience with our websites?

Content Strategy, that’s how!

Content Strategy is a growing field within the discipline of User Experience (UX), and it helps us plan, analyze, create, and maintain our content intelligently.

Watch the video summary!

In this course, you’ll learn what Content Strategy is, and how to do it. Starting with basic concepts and moving on to specific hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to plan and manage content during the 4 phases of your website design project:

  • Discovery: Figuring out what you have and how useful it is.
  • Vision: Deciding what you need.
  • Execution: Building the content.
  • Maintenance: Keeping everything up-to-date.

After all, content is the stuff people come to your website for. It deserves to be treated with respect.

So join me, and let’s get started with Content Strategy!

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  • Introduction and Definitions

    • Introduction

      What is content, and why do you need to plan for it? This lecture will enable you to answer those questions.

    • What Is Content Strategy?

      Now that we know what content is, let’s define Content Strategy.